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8 Best 18+ Apps 2022

18+ Aplikasi app

18+ Aplikasi app – As is known, there are currently a lot of applications available on the Google Play Store or other application stores.

However, not all applications can be accessed by the public, especially children, because there are some applications that are very sensitive to use.

One of the applications that is quite tricky to access for adults or 18+ applications, because this kind of application is prohibited from circulating freely on several official platforms such as the Google Play Store.

For Android users, it is very common to always rely on Google Play Store services to find various applications or games needed.

However, you can’t always rely on this service to download certain apps.

Application Discussion 18+

Although on the Google Play Store you can still find some adult-only apps for Android phones.

But what is available is still less diverse, so you have to download other hot applications manually with an APK.

Considering that adult apps have age restriction policies and other standards, there are some apps that aren’t on the Play Store, this usually applies to apps rated 18+.

So, what are the 18+ or adult applications? To answer that, you can find out in the review below.

18+ Aplikasi app

1. Applications 18+ – Yandex

18+ Aplikasi app
18+ Apps – Yandex

Yandex is the first 18+ app you should know about, because it’s a search engine app or site that works more or less the same way as Google.

With this application, you can open various prohibited sites without a VPN at all, so that it can be used to download various adult sites of various genres.

This is because Yandex is an application that comes from Russia and does not have the same blocking system as Google, so adult sites can still be opened easily.

However, this application has a drawback that some users complain that Indonesian is not yet available in this application.

(Download Yandex)

2. 18+ App – Joy.Live

18+ Aplikasi app
18+ Apps – Joy.Live

The second 18+ app is called Joy.Live and is one of the most popular live video streaming apps and has been used by thousands of users.

The app, which has a rating of 17+, has been removed and banned from the Google Play Store, because it does not provide a filter or blocking system for sensual content and adult videos.

Even so, you can still find various sites that provide links to download live hot adult applications that are not on the Play Store on the internet.

Joy.Live also includes a live streaming application that is quite popular and does not place restrictions on the content.

Unfortunately, the official application cannot be accessed in Indonesia.

(Download Joy.Live)

3. App 18+ – VidMate

18+ Aplikasi app
18+ Apps – VidMate

VidMate is also an 18+ application and this application is still related to video affairs but is no longer available on Google Play.

To use the VidMate application, you simply copy-paste the YouTube video URL then select the video format and quality and then download it automatically to the internal memory.

But some users often complain if the connection is still slow when downloading videos.

(Download VidMate)

4. 18+ Apps – Private VPN

18+ Aplikasi app
18+ Apps – Private VPN

From the logo alone, the VPN Private application is known to be used by many people to open adult sites because it is an 18+ application.

Even so, VPN Private can be said to be one of the best VPN applications that is quite reliable in accessing blocked sites in Indonesia, such as and others.

Instead of opening adult sites with other applications, it is better to use a Private VPN, guys.

Because besides being easy to use, this application is also free, so you don’t need to pay extra.

(Download VPN Private)

5. 18+ Apps – Honey Live

18+ Aplikasi app
18+ Apps – Honey Live

Honey Live is an 18+ live streaming app that makes it easy for you to find your dream host from around the world.

You can also give gifts to your favorite hosts and use them as matchmaking apps.

Because this application is made for people aged 18+ and above, some broadcast content in Honey Live is not suitable for children to access and watch.

This application has a beauty camera feature, so you as a user can look beautiful when live without make-up.

One of the advantages of this application is that users can freely get content from all over the world.

(Download Honey Live)

6. Applications 18+ – 19 Love Me APK

18+ Aplikasi app
Applications 18+ – 19 Love Me APK

19 Love Me APK also includes 18+ applications that can be used to combine games, chat, and streaming in one application.

So this application can be a tool to find entertainment when you are feeling bored.

If you want to find friends to chat with, then you can use the random chat feature to get to know other people.

Interestingly, this application can make money from live streaming, if viewers who like broadcaster content can give gifts and can be exchanged for money.

In accordance with the logo, one of the main advantages offered in this application is entertainment content which should only be watched by users aged over 18 years.

In addition, there are also exciting games and tournaments that can be played together.

However, this application cannot be found on the Play Store, so you have to be careful when downloading it when using other download links.

(Download 19 Love Me APK)

7. Applications 18+ – Nekopoi.Care

18+ Aplikasi app
18+ Apps – Nekopoi.Care

Nekopoi.Care APK is an 18+ application that can be used to stream and download popular anime, because it has interesting features.

Here, you can watch anime of all genres and age ranges and if you are a fan of adult anime, then this application is perfect for use.

Another advantage it has is that you can anime with Indonesian subtitles.

As for the drawbacks, this application includes applications from third parties, so it is very vulnerable to malware if downloaded in the wrong place.

(Download Nekopoi.Care)

8. App 18+ – TikTok 18

18+ Aplikasi app
18+ Apps – TikTok 18

The next 18+ application is TikTok 18 or TikTok 18+ (Plus) which is a modified version of the regular TikTok application, where you can get adult and open content.

Meanwhile, TikTok’s strict regulations prohibit all forms of content containing adult and racial elements, for the safety and convenience of its users.

However, you can explore various large accounts that upload such content using this TikTok 18 application.

That is why this version of TikTok can only be accessed by users who are 18 years of age and over.

For this reason, TikTok 18 is an application that is banned from the Play Store and users must be wise in sharing personal and confidential information.

The final word

These are some applications that are adult applications and can only be used or accessed by users aged 18 years and over.

If you are interested in using one of the applications above, it is recommended not to use it with underage children.

This is done to maintain their development and psychological health.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about 18+ aplikasi app 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.