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7+ Best Muslim Match Apps 2022

Muslim Match App

Muslim dating app is one of the places you are looking for a life partner to go to the marriage level.

Even though it’s actually a problem partner This has been determined by Allah SWT since humans were created.

However, you also have to or need to try, strive, and pray to get that life partner or soul mate.

In addition to ta’aruf, you can also use applications to find a mate specifically for Muslims.

With Muslim dating app You can use this to find a suitable partner for yourself, so you can establish a more serious relationship towards the level of marriage.

1. Taaruf ID

Muslim Match App
Taaruf ID

The first Muslim matchmaking application is the Taaruf ID application, this application is made by Indonesian children (Download Taaruf ID App for Android).

This Taaruf ID application provides services to find a mate who is ready to marry and whose position is not far from the user’s position.

Therefore, for those who are ready to get married and are really looking for a serious candidate, please use this application.

In addition to GPS, the Taaruf ID application utilizes a special algorithm to display participants who are ready to marry on the application dashboard and are sorted according to the closest location.

So that it can make it easier for users in the process of finding a mate, the Taaruf ID application is only available on Android.

2. Hawaya

Muslim Match App

So for those of you who want to find a mate or cross-country partner, but still want to get a partner of the same faith, then this Hawaya application is perfect for you to try.

You don’t need to be afraid to use this application, because the Hawaya application prioritizes user privacy and security.

They combine AI and moderation to prevent the use of fake profiles, besides that this app also has a “Blur My Photos” option so photos can only be seen by connected people.

There is also a Guardian Mode feature where you can invite trusted friends or family members into the chat to provide feedback and suggestions.

You can use the Hawaya application where you can find a mate on iOS and Android devices for now.

3. Greetings

Muslim Match App

Along with the name change, the appearance of the Salams application brings refreshment, but in terms of service it is still the same, namely bringing users together with their potential mate.

You don’t have to worry about using this application, because the Salams application has guaranteed that there will be no data sales or other crimes, user confidentiality is strictly maintained in this application.

This Salams application also prioritizes privacy and they have equipped many security features for its users.

Now 10 thousand couples have met through the Salams application and many have made it to the level of marriage.

If you use this Salams application, it only displays your first name, picture, and profile information that the user uses.

You can also block a user in the app, if you don’t want to see or chat with that person.

All profiles are verified by selfie and GPS location, for now the Salams app is only available for iOS and Android.

4. Muzmatch

Muslim Match App

Also included in the Muslim matchmaking application is the Muzmatch application, now this application is very popular because it is one of the matchmaking applications that has many users.

That way you can choose many options that you can make a partner, in this application you are not required to send photos (Download the Muzmatch App for Android).

If there are messages or photos that are not polite, then you can report that the user is blocked.

It is proven that more than 4 million single Muslims find their partner through the Muzmatch application, and 100 couples have already made their way to the seriousness level, namely marriage.

This Muzmatch application has many interesting features that make finding a match more lawful and fun.

One of the features is for users to be able to enter a guardian or companion during a chat, you can use the Muzmatch application on iOS and Android.

5. Veil

Muslim Match App

The next Muslim matchmaking application is the Veil application from Dubai, this application offers a service to bring together the closest single Muslim from the user’s position.

To maintain privacy and lawful, this Veil application applies a digital veil that will cover each profile photo, and the veil can be opened if there is a match.

The Veil application also has an instant selfie feature that will verify all profile photos, besides that there is also a guardian guard feature for all chats so it will be more secure.

You need to know that the Veil application, which is a special Muslim matchmaking application, is only available on iOS and Android (Download the Veil App for Android).

6. Muzishq

Muslim Match App

And you can find the life partner you want to marry, the Muzishq app displays a real profile, nothing fake or using bots.

That way users can interact with real people who are really looking for a life partner to marry.

To maintain user safety, this Muzishq application does not display the exact distance between two users, the distance displayed is an indication.

In addition, users can also use the Blur filter to control privacy in the application, you can use the Muzishq application on Android, while for iOS it will be coming soon.

7. Muslim Mingle

Muslim Match App
Muslim Mingle

The advantage of this application is that it also provides security features, every user is verified so that the user profile is ensured that it is not fake.

In addition, there are also many other interesting features that can make you happy and comfortable using this application.

That is one of them, you can share audio, video and photos with people who are suitable for you to make your life partner.

What’s more interesting about the Muslim Mingle application is that all of its services can be used for free, but the Muslim Mingle application is only available on Android.

The final word

That’s some Muslim dating app which you can use for those of you who want to find a Muslim life partner or soul mate.

Hopefully with this special matchmaking application for Muslims it can make it easier to find your soul mate, for those who want to find a life partner for marriage.

Don’t forget to share the information you get in this article with your friends, who knows some of your friends are looking for a mate or want to get married.

Thank you to all readers who have taken the time to read our article which discusses the special Muslim matchmaking application.