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10 Variants of Black Panther in the Marvel Universe!

Black Panther is one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe. He has appeared in comics several times. Since his appearance, people are more familiar with T’Challa as the figure behind the Black Panther costume. But did you know that there are actually many different variants of Black Panther that exist in the Marvel Universe? In fact, it’s not just T’Challa who has ever been a Black Panther, because there are other Black Panther variants that have lived. Who are the Black Panther variants in the Marvel Universe? Check out the following geeks!

Black Panther 2099

10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Real name K’Shamba, Black Panther 2099 debuted in Marvel Comics back in 2004. Unlike T’Challa, K’Shamba did not drink the magic potion that eventually gave him the power of the Black Panther. That’s why K’Shamba does not have the strength, speed, and agility like Black Panther in general. But even so, K’Shamba is an expert in the field of martial arts. He was also trained to use a variety of weapons. K’Shamba has proven his ability to face many enemies in the 2099 timeline, including against the Doctor Doom variant from the future. Actually, geeks, there is one more character who used to be Black Panther 2099 before K’Shamba, namely Thanraza.

Vibranium Man

10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

This Black Panther variant has origins that are almost similar to Superman. As a child, Vibranium Man’s parents sent him into outer space, after Wakanda from the alternate universe was destroyed. He also arrived on a new planet which at that time was ruled by a king named Killmonger. And when Vibranium Man grows up, he springs into action to defeat Killmonger. Well, just like Black Panther 2099, Vibranium Man does not get power from special potions. He did have a very sophisticated Vibranium armor, which made him look like Iron Man. It was the armor that gave him incredible strength and durability. He could even shoot out intense purple colored electric energy.

Black Panther Ultimate

10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Black Panther Ultimate’s real name is T’Challa Udaku. He’s from Earth-1610. Different from the Black Panther variant in general, Black Panther Ultimate is a mutant. Because he is a mutant, T’Challa Udaku also does not drink the special liquid that gives him powers. He has various typical mutant powers such as healing factor, superhuman strength, speed and agility. The main power of T’Challa Udaku he got when he joined the Weapon X program, where he became the object of experimentation. That’s what ultimately makes his body change where he has claws like Wolverine, and a lot of additional powers that make him very strong.


10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Spider-T’Chall is arguably a combined variant of Spider-Man and Black Panther. He comes from Earth-19919, where he has the powers of Black Panther and Spider-Man. Uniquely, he has six arms that make him a reliable fighter. We can imagine what if the power of Black Panther and Spider-Man were in the same person. His power can be seen in comics Spider-Island #2 which was released in 2015. In the comic, we are shown the ability of Spider-Sense and shooting nets, uniting with the superpowers of the Black Panther. That’s what makes Spider-T’Challa difficult for enemies to defeat.


10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

The Azzuri make their first appearance in comics Black Panther #1 which was released in 2005. He was T’Challa’s grandfather and the king of Wakanda during World War II. Unlike some of the Black Panthers above, the Azzuri get their powers from Wakanda’s original potions. After drinking the potion, the Azzuri have superhuman strength, stamina, and other abilities like Black Panther. In addition, Azzura was also endowed with divine powers which gave him access to all the memories of the Black Panthers before him. The Azzurri also have unique powers, which give them control over the dead. He once used this power to protect Wakanda from the Red Skulls who invaded Wakanda when he tried to steal Vibranium.

Kasper Cole

10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Before becoming Black Panther, Kasper Cole was an ordinary person who worked as a New York cop. Well one day, Kasper Cole found a Black Panther costume that he found in his office. After finding it, Cole uses it to carry out various investigative missions, and fight crime in New York. But one day, Cole met Erik Killmonger. During the meeting, Killmonger gave a pill that gave Cole the power of a Black Panther in general. That’s what ultimately makes Cole become Black Panther to stop various crimes. But one day, he decided to become the White Panther, and protect Brooklyn.

Coal Tiger

10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Before Black Panther made his debut in the Marvel Universe in comics Fantastic Four #52, it turns out that Jack Kirby had made a strange variant, which became the inspiration for the Black Panther character. His name is Coal Tiger. Jack Kirby has finally decided that Coal Tiger is actually T’Chaka II, the son of Black Panther in the alternate universe MC2. Physically, Coal Tiger is a human and tiger hybrid and he is very strong. The Coal Tiger also has very sharp claws, where its claws can cut anything around it. Throughout his career, Coal Tiger has used his powers to help save the MC2 version of the Avengers, A-Next, from a team of villains called the Revengers.


10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Just like Cole, Ngozi was originally just an ordinary man who came from Nigeria. He is a former great athlete with a myriad of achievements. But after a fatal accident, his career was lost. His fate then changes when Ngozi encounters the symbiote Venom, who then takes over his body. Since Venom took over his body, Ngozi has been able to walk again. But there is a high price to pay, namely his body was taken over by Venom. Well one day, Ngozi fought a villain named Rhino. After successfully winning the fight, Dora Milaje from Wakanda asked Ngozi to become the new Black Panther to replace T’Challa. Since then he has become one of the new Black Panthers in the Marvel Universe.

Ghost Panther

10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

Just like Spider-T’Challa, Ghost Panther is a combination of two superheroes in Marvel Comics, Ghost Rider and Black Panther. He debuted in comics Infinity Warps last year 2018. Ghost Rider and Black Panther were originally told separately, but when Gamora got the Infinity Stones, she created a pocket dimension, where history was rewritten and several characters were brought together. That’s what finally made Ghost Rider and Black Panther one. Instead of using a motorcycle, Ghost Panther rides a black tiger whose body is lit up. Amazingly, he can travel between dimensions using the tiger.

Ghost Hammer

10 Black Panther Variants in the Marvel Universe!, Greenscene

The events are almost the same as what happened in the comics Infinity Warps. It’s just that the characters that merge into one are Ghost Panther (a combination of Ghost Rider and Black Panther) and Iron Hammer (a combination of Tony Stark and Thor Odinson). The event that the Ghost Panther and Iron Hammer join forces takes place in the comics Secret Warps: Iron Hammer #1. Since the two of them joined, they also earned the nickname Ghost Hammer. Ghost Hammer combines the power of 4 powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe, so we can imagine how much power it is. As the name implies, Ghost Hammer uses Mjolnir as the main weapon.

That’s him Geeks various variants of Black Panther that exist in the Marvel Universe. Some of these characters gain Black Panther powers after drinking a special potion in Wakanda, but others gain powers that come from different sources. Among the Black Panther variants, which one is your favourite, geeks?