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10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!

Namor (Tenoch Huerta) will debut and become an antagonist in the MCU film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. That’s why we’re going to talk about Namor’s interesting facts that make his character unique, maybe even superior in some aspects to other Marvel characters. So, before seeing his appearance in the movie Wakanda Forever Later, let’s look at 10 facts about Namor the Sub-Mariner in the Marvel Universe!

Marvel’s First Superhero

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

Marvel Comics is an American entertainment company that has been around since 1939. Until now, there are approximately 50,000 characters that Marvel has introduced to fans, ranging from superheroes, supervillains, to antiheroes. Interestingly, Namor was one of Marvel’s ‘first’ superheroes to debut in 1939 in comics Marvel Comics #1 by Bill Everett. He even got involved in the story crossover first marvel Fire vs. Water along with another first superhero, Jim Hammond aka Human Torch.

The First Mutant in the Marvel Universe

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

Another namor fact is that, apart from being listed as the first superhero, Namor, whose real name is Namor McKenzie, is the first mutant in Marvel history. This can happen because he is the son of a sailor related to the Atlantean princess named Fen. The mixture of human and atlantean DNA in his blood finally makes Namor born as a mutant who has a unique ability, which can fly using the small wings on his ankles. So in addition to being able to breathe in water because he is an atlantean, Namor can also breathe on land like a human as well as fly in the sky.

Debut earlier than Aquaman

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

Before it was confirmed that he would appear in the MCU, actually many new Marvel fans didn’t know who Namor was. Some even thought that he was copycat aka a clone of Aquaman in the DC Universe. In fact, Namor, who debuted before Indonesia’s independence, appeared before DC introduced its own version of the atlantean king. For comparison, Aquaman is a character created by Mort Weisinger who first appeared in 1941 in the DC comics entitled More Fun Comics #73. So it’s pretty clear that Namor debuted two years earlier than Aquaman.

Marvel’s First Big Three

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

When we hear the word Marvel’s Big Three, we immediately think of Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. But you know, long before the term Big Three Marvel became popular, Namor was one of the three most popular characters in the Marvel Universe. Together with Human Torch Jim Hammond and Captain America Steve Rogers, he managed to bring Marvel, which at that time was still called Timely Comics, to become one of the most famous comic companies in America. So the term Marvel’s first Big Three really deserves to be pinned to him.

The King Who Mastered Many Languages

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

As we all know, in the deep sea Namor is the king of Atlantis who always tries to bring prosperity to his people. His duties as a king are more or less the same as the president or prime minister of a country. This is what finally forced Namor to carry out state duties, especially diplomacy with countries on the surface. That’s why he finally mastered many languages, because Namor often negotiated with other countries using English, Egyptian, and so on. If diplomacy failed, then he did a more aggressive way.

Join Multiple Super Teams

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

In its history, Namor is one of the famous Marvel characters who is arrogant and often comes to the surface to attack other nations. Even so, his abilities have made the Avengers interested and even invited him to join. In the story Avengers: Disassembled, Namor was even present to help the Avengers, who at that time were at their lowest point. Besides the Avengers, Namor has also been part of the X-Men to fight Magneto, the Invaders to fight in World War II, and even the Illuminati who move in secret.

Invisible Woman Affair

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

The fact of Namor on this one is a bit surprising, besides joining the superhero team, Namor has also been an enemy of superhero teams such as the Fantastic Four in the comics. Fantastic Four #4 (1962). Although he really hates Mister Fantastic, Human Torch, and The Thing from the Fantastic Four, he actually really likes Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman. The two of them even had a very close relationship, even though at that time Sue was already in a relationship with Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic. Namor had even told Reed that he had told Sue to leave him.

Ever Get Cosmic Power

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

In comics Avengers vs. X-Men (2012), the two superhero teams were once told that they had disagreements when the cosmic entity Phoenix returned to Earth. The Avengers who want the Phoenix to be annihilated are forced to deal with the X-Men who want the power of the Phoenix. As a mutant, at this point Namor allied himself with the X-Men. When the two teams fight each other, Namor is told to get the Phoenix cosmic power along with four other mutants. This new power allows Namor to emit cosmic fire, travel between stars, and even become immortal.

War with Wakanda

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

With the cosmic power of the Phoenix Force, the notoriously arrogant Namor has even used his powers to attack Wakanda. Because at that time the Avengers, who had lost their first battle, decided to retreat to the Black Panther’s territory. However, Namor bravely led the tsunami to Wakanda, killing many people. This is what then makes the two countries, Wakanda and Atlatis, often war and hate each other until the Incursion event destroys the Marvel Multiverse before the story begins. Secret Wars (2015).

Alliance with Doctor Doom

10 Facts about Namor, Invisible Woman's Affair!, Greenscene

Another Namor fact is, he is one of the Marvel characters whose life is fairly free. This can be seen from his habit of frequently switching affiliations, from superheroes to supervillains. In fact, in comics Fantastic Four #6 (1962), Namor once allied with the formidable villain Doctor Doom. They even became stars together in the story Super-Villain Team Up. Then back together in the previous story secret wars, as part of the evil Illuminati called the Cabal. These various collaborations prove that Namor and Doom’s relationship is very close.

Those are 10 interesting facts about Namor the Sub-Mariner in the Marvel Universe. Based on all the facts and actions of Namor, it makes sense that in the end he is more suitable as an antihero. Because in addition to being a superhero, it is not uncommon for him to become an antagonist in Marvel stories, as will happen in the MCU later. Hopefully, armed with these ten facts, you will be even more enthusiastic to witness Namor’s next action. Exactly in the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverwhich will air on November 11.