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Zeys Offers Antimage to Evos Mobile Legends (ML) Roster

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 tournament has passed its fourth week. There have been many exciting matches at MPL ID this time. the following Zeys Offers Antimage to the Evos Mobile Legends (ML) Roster

This time MPL ID Season 10 has carried out half the season for the regular season round. The entire team had already met each other this time with their opponents.

This time Zeys seemed to offer Antimage to re-enter the Evos Legends roster. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time about the news, see the following explanation.

Zeys Offers Antimage to Evos Mobile Legends (ML) Roster

Through Livestream on his personal YouTube channel, Zeys, this time he answered questions from netizens about Evos Legends. This time he gave his opinion about Antimage being included in the roster.

“Guys Antimage, do you have to come in? Antimage replaces Pendragon so there is a Hafiz (Clover) and Max (Antimage) combo again. Honestly, I want to add Antimage, I’ve been thinking, we need Antimage, guys.”

This time, the trainer from Evos Legends, Zeys, gave Antimage another offer to re-enter the roster at Evos. Is that what the white tiger team needs this time? Seeing that Evos currently has Pendragon and Dlar for the Evos Legends squad and there is Saykots for the MDL team from Evos Icon.

That’s the explanation from Zeys regarding the offer to Antimage to re-enter the Evos Legends roster this time. what do you think about the offer from Zeys?