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Zeys Calls Clover the Heart of Evos Legends Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 tournament has passed its fourth week. There have been many exciting matches at MPL ID this time. following Zeys Call Clover Heart Evos Legends Mobile Legends (ML)

This time MPL ID Season 10 has carried out half the season for the regular season round. The entire team had already met each other this time with their opponents.

This time there was a response from Zeys who said that Clover is the heart of Evos Legends. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time about the news, see the following explanation.

Zeys Calls Clover Heart Evos Legends Mobile Legends (ML)

Through Livestream on his personal YouTube channel, Zeys, this time he answered questions from netizens about Evos Legends. This time he also mentioned that Clover is the heart for Evos Legends.

“It’s just that, in my opinion, Hafiz (Clover) can be said that playing MM other than Wanwan may not be stable. It’s just that for now he can be said that he is really in the middle of Evos Legends, a player like that who really cares, like Shoutcaller, who in the outgame also became a leader like that. If you replace it, the impact is quite big.”

Here are Zeys’ words about Clover who became the heart for Evos Legends this time. Where he thinks that Clover is a leader who if replaced later it will have a big impact.

Although many of the fans said that Clover’s own performance was not stable, but he was able to make a big impact according to Zeys this time

That’s the explanation from Zeys regarding Clover which is mentioned as the heart for Evos Legends this time. What do you think about the explanation this time?