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Zac Efron denies doing plastic surgery, it turns out this is the real reason The 34-year-old actor revealed an accident at his home that made his chin “hang” in 2013.

In his interview with the magazine Men’s Health, he said that at the time he was running in his socks in the area of ​​his house and then slipped, causing his face to hit the corner of the granite fountain. He even fainted from the impact.

When he regained consciousness, he felt his chin sway, as if it had fallen out of position. He had difficulty chewing because of this condition.

Quoted from, during her recovery, she says her facial muscles have become “very, very big” and she ends up looking very different. So to compensate for his injury, he worked with a physical therapist to fight the muscle growth.

His facial and jaw muscles had to work extra hard to cause his masseter muscles to change. The masseter muscle itself is a muscle group that allows the face to perform the function of chewing, opening and closing the mouth and closing the molars.

He says this explains why he looks so different. “The masseters are just growing. They just got really, really big.”

Fans first saw Zac Efron’s transformed face in April 2021, which led to rumors that he had undergone surgery.

In April 2021, Zac Efron started trending on Twitter after he was spotted in a video for Earth Day! The Musical where the chin appears to be more pronounced square and the jaw is heavier.

But Zac said he didn’t know that he was the talk of social media and even went viral because of his jaw that looks different, even his mother called and asked if he had surgery.