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You Can Get Thamuz General Kai Skin for Free, Here's How!

You Can Get Thamuz General Kai Skin for Free, Here’s How!

You must have probably heard rumors that the latest Thamuz skin is a collaboration with Kungfu Panda, namely General Kai for free.

It turned out to be true because in the first 10 times you will definitely get the Thamuz – General Kai skin.

Maybe you think you have to top-up first in order to get 10 tickets, but it turns out Moonton was kind this time because he held another event that allowed you to get 10 tickets for free.

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How to Get Thamuz Skin – General Kai for Free

Free Thamuz Skins
source: YT Whiz Super

You just need to follow the steps below.

  • Game Login
  • Enter the Events menu
  • Choose Kai’s Invitation
  • Copy the code in your account
Free General Kai Skin
source: YT VY Gaming
  • Invite 10 friends who haven’t logged in for 7 days to use the code
  • You can get 10 free tickets after successfully inviting 10 friends
  • You can draw 10 times on the Kungfu Panda gacha to get Kai’s skin

This event will take place starting from August 20, 2022 later along with the presence of the MLBB x Kungfu Panda collaboration event.

MLBB Kung Fu Panda Quests
source: YT VY Gaming

You can also add the ticket with event quests as usual, such as game logins, any top-up and others to get additional tickets for gacha back to get Akai and Ling skins.

So, don’t miss it to login on August 20, 2022 and complete the event to get the Thamuz – Kai skin for free.

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