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Xin Wants to Play in Season 11 of Mobile Legends (ML)?

Currently, the third week of the MPL ID Season 10 Tournament has been held. There are many surprising things in this third week. Like one of them was RRQ’s defeat in 2 matches against Evos and RBL, seeing this many netizens wanted Xin to come back again. Here is Xin Want to Play in Season 11 of Mobile Legends (ML)?

Xin did not make sure to join RRQ Hoshi’s squad for MPL ID season 10. Because he wanted to give Skylar time for goldlaner from the RRQ Hoshi team to be able to play in MPL.

This time, Xin also gave a statement about how he would play for Season 11. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss where Bangsing will try again to play in MPL ID Season 11 later, see the following.

Xin Wants to Play in Season 11 of Mobile Legends (ML)?

This time, this time through a livestream on his personal YouTube channel, XINNN, this time bangsin said that he wanted to play again later in season 11.

“Just guys, just let RRQ play this season, bismillah, guys, I’m playing again in season 11, I don’t want to play again on MDL.”

This time, Xin said that for season 10, RRQ would play with their current squad, and hopefully later he could play for the upcoming MPL ID Season 11 and not pass MDL.

That’s Xin’s explanation regarding him playing again in Season 11. What do you think about Xin’s opinion about him playing in Season 11 later?