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Xin's Response to Psychoo To MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently, the MPL ID Season 10 tournament has just held its second week. But there is a change in the roster from the team at MPL ID such as from the RRQ team, namely Psychoo and Violence to MDL. Here is Xin’s Response to Psychoo Problems to MDL Mobile Legends (ML).

In several matches that were run during the second week of MPL ID Season 10 this time it looked so fierce from each team to get as many points as possible. These brilliant actions will certainly continue to be present during this regular season.

This time bangsin gave his opinion on Psychoo and Violence was revealed to MDL. Of course it is interesting for us to discuss this time about the news, see the following explanation.

Xin’s Response About Psychoo To MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

Through a livestream on his personal YouTube channel, XINNN, this time he gave his opinion about Psychoo and Violence should be revealed to MDL for RRQ Sena.

“I have a feeling, guys, why did the firm (Psychoo) and Violence be taken down, because MDL Sena is really lacking, not very good at all.”

According to Xin, why the two players were demoted was because for the MDL RRQ Sena team their performance was not good enough so they brought in 2 MPL players to join this time. Septemberbe bringing in Psychoo and Violence can add ammunition to the RRQ Sena team.

That’s the explanation from Xin regarding Psychoo and Violence revealed to MDL this time. What do you think about that?