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Xin's response to Farewell Liam Mobile Legends (ML)

One of the veteran Mobile Legends players from the RRQ Hoshi team decided to split up. The veteran player is Liam the father of Akai Indonesia. Liam has had to be sub-district head in the last few seasons with RRQ Hoshi. Another player from RRQ Hoshi, Xin, gave his opinion on Liam Farewell with RRQ.

Liam is famous for his ability to use the hero Akai. Both have indeed become iconic, Liam has now decided to farewell because in this last season Liam rarely got time to play for competitive scenes with RRQ Hoshi.

Liam farewell with RRQ is arguably the best way for both parties of course. Bangsan, a close greeting for Xin, once played with Liam for the competitive Mobile Legends scene, one of which was the M1 World Championship although in the end they only managed to get the runner up position.

Xin’s response to Farewell Liam Mobile Legends (ML)

Liam is arguably one of the legends of Tuturu and Lemon’s contemporaries and this time he decided to split up. Xin some time ago gave his response as to why Liam had to go with RRQ Hoshi. Through his YouTube Livestream, XINNN gave the answer.

“First of all, maybe you are tired in the competitive world. Second maybe his contract is up, because you know Liam’s contract is long”

Bangsin also added another reason why Liam was farewell but this time in a joking tone.

“Septemberbe Liam hasn’t played much, so he’s out of mechanics. You may also know that Liam is more focused on playing Magic Chess.”

After about 4 years with RRQ, what is the fate of Liam whether he will change to another team or decide to become a streamer like other retired pro players. But whatever it is, it’s best for both parties to decide between Liam and the RRQ team for their respective futures.