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Xin Confirms He's Rested Mobile Legends (ML)

MPL ID Season 10 has been running for 2 weeks. There was a lot of excitement during the tournament. Many update transfers have occurred in MPL ID this time. Like this time Xin Reassures Himself Rested Mobile Legends (ML)

Xin did not play together with RRQ Hoshi in MPL ID Season 9 this time. He considered that the roster for RRQ Hoshi this time was solid enough and he chose not to play.

However, this time Xin confirmed that he was currently being rested by the RRQ team. Of course, it is interesting for us to discuss this time regarding the explanation, see below.

Xin Confirms Himself to be Rested Mobile Legends (ML)

Through a livestream on his personal YouTube channel, XINNN, this time he confirmed that he was currently resting for the team he was defending, namely RRQ.

“Bro are you taking a break or are you pensi? This cave was taken care of, it was taken care of so I’m saying this Season 9 wasn’t included in the roster, okay, I said okay, the important thing is that RRQ won. If you’re called later, you just play, if you’re not called, it’s the ones who don’t play, guys.”

That was Xin’s explanation about him insisting that he was rested for the RRQ team this time. He hasn’t played with the RRQ Hoshi team for a long time since MPL ID Season 9 and there are also many rumors that he has moved to another team.

Some time ago, for example, it was said that Xin would join the MDL team but that didn’t seem right.

That’s Xin’s explanation about him confirming that he is currently resting for his team, RRQ. How do you feel about Xin’s statement this time?