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Xin calls Lemon Idol Mage Mobile Legends (ML)

The MPL ID Season 10 tournament this time has carried out the second week of matches. Each team has presented their best player. This time, Xin called Lemon Idol Mage Mobile Legends (ML).

Lemon with RRQ Hoshi this time gave a surprise in the second week of the MPL ID Season 10 tournament. This time Lemon was played against ONIC Esports and Bigetron Alpha.

This time Xin also mentioned that Lemon was an idol figure for Mage. The following is an explanation of course quite interesting to explain, see the article below.

Xin calls Lemon Idol Mage Mobile Legends (ML)

This time through a private livestream from XINNN, Bangsin this time gave his opinion about Lemon who played as a midlaner at RRQ during the second week of the MPL ID Season 10 tournament yesterday.

“It’s great, guys, Lemon changes roles, I’m happy, I already said he can’t compete in Goldlane, if you’re a mage, don’t ask IDOL Mage bro. The mage is terrible, Lemon can’t play in Goldlane because there are only 2 less heroes Claude and Beatrix, if Lemon is good at Claude and Beatrix, well, they can compete in Goldlane, because there are less two heroes, Lemon is difficult.”

According to Bangsin, he said that Lemon was very suitable to be the current Midlaner at RRQ Hoshi, previously Lemon had filled Goldlaner for RRQ Hoshi but it was still not effective. Xin thinks that Lemon is still lacking in 2 heroes like Claude and Beatrix to be able to compete in Goldlaner.

That’s Xin’s explanation about Lemon being an Idol Mage and suitable this time for the RRQ team. What do you think, do you agree with what Xin said? Can Lemon become an important figure in RRQ’s midlaner?