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Will enter the Standard Banner, is Tighnari Genshin Impact not mandatory for you Gacha?

Will enter the Standard Banner, is Tighnari Genshin Impact not mandatory for you Gacha?

The new character Tighnari Genshin Impact will be available in version 3.0 later on August 23, 2022. Of course, those of you who have watched the live stream will know that he will enter the standard banner after patch 3.1.

Well, the question that is often asked is whether Tighnari Genshin Impact is not mandatory for you to gacha on a limited banner?

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For those who are curious, here is the answer from SPIN Esports.

Tighnari You Must Gacha If You Meet These Requirements

Genshin Impact 3.0 Banner Leaks, There are Tighnari, Ganyu, and Zhongli without Phase 3 - Hangout

  • Love the character and skills
  • I want to be sure
  • Want to have Play DPS Dendro

The first reason, of course, is that you like the character, even though it will be on the Standard Banner but of course you can’t get it because there are still 5 other characters that you can get.

If you want to get it for sure, it would be better through a limited banner with a pity 50/50 system where when you rate-on, of course you will get Tighnari.

The third point is that if you want to immediately get Main DPS Dendro, this unique element that just arrived with Sumeru will certainly be very reasonable if it is still a little. Moreover, it is reported that for the next character, it is not certain that there will be Main DPS Dendro again, most of them are Support or Sub DPS.

So, Tighnari is one of the closest Dendro DPS Mains for you to have.

Tighnari is not mandatory for you to Gacha if you meet these requirements

Everything we know about Tighnari in Genshin Impact |  Rock Paper Shotgun

  • Not a target character
  • You can accidentally get it later on the Standard Banner
  • Save for another character

First, it’s clear that if it’s not your target character, you can really skip it. Moreover, from the point of these two characters, you can get them accidentally on the Standard Banner in the future. It could be that you will be spammed later on the Standard Banner.

The third point is to save for another character. Quite a number of Sumeru characters have been shown, maybe some of you have also seen the leaks. Of course, you can do this to get the character so that later you can get your target character in Sumeru or re-run future characters.

In conclusion, if you really want Tighnari, go gacha immediately because Standard Banner doesn’t make sure you get this character. If you can still be patient and don’t really want to, of course this character can appear as a rate-off character or a character that you can get on the Standard banner starting from version 3.1 later.

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