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Will Be the OP, This is the Latest Gameplay of Revamp Lesley Mobile Legends!

Will Be the OP, This is the Latest Gameplay of Revamp Lesley Mobile Legends!

Lesley users will most likely be happy to see the news of the Lesley revamp which will soon be coming to the original server in September 2022.

In Lesley’s revamp, unlike Gusion, Lesley got a lot of changes. That makes the gameplay and build slightly changed.

This is evidenced by one of the content creators of Mobile Legends VY Gaming, who has tried Lesley with the following latest build.

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Latest Lesley Mobile Legends Revamp Gameplay

If you know Lesley used to be very superior in the late game because of his enormous damage entering the last minute because once using skill 1 the damage can’t be stopped but only by thin heroes like Assassin, Mage or Marksman.

With the meta tank, of course Lesley will have difficulty penetrating her thick armor, moreover the Blade Armor is now stronger to withstand Physical Damage.

The good news is, in Lesley’s latest revamp there are changes that make the Penetration Percentage very high. This is because of the passive change which if using the Physical Penetration item will add the Penetration percentage from Lesley.

We know that the Penetration Percentage item is only available in one item, namely Malefic Roar, and even then, it is only 35%.

With this change Lesley can get a Penetration percentage of up to 87% (Blade of Heptaseas, Hunter Strike and Malefic Roar). This makes Lesley’s damage to Tank heroes like Akai very large.

We know that strong penetration can make armor weak and that’s Lesley’s change that makes him a Tank Slayer later.

What do you think, is it better before or the new one? Write in the comments column yes.

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