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Why is Chat in Mobile Legends Very Sensitive, Vulnerable to Mute?

Why is the chat feature in Mobile Legends so sensitive, so vulnerable to mute? Let’s find out the answer spinners below.

After getting an adjustment some time ago in an update patch, now the chat feature in Mobile Legends is very different from before.

The chat feature is now very sensitive, even if we as players want to chat with teammates, polite sentences are still warned.

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And if we insist on continuing to chat on Mobile Legends, our account will definitely be muted all day by Moonton. Regarding that, why is the chat feature in Mobile Legends so sensitive now?

To Avoid Racism, Toxic & So On

Mute chat mobile legends
Photo via Gamedaim

Although we don’t know what Moonton’s goal is to make the chat feature very sensitive, but we as players can conclude that for ourselves.

That Moonton did it all for the Mobile Legends community. So that we are not labeled bad, toxic, racist and so on.

Besides that, making the chat feature tight in Mobile Legends also so that all players are forced to focus on the game rather than continue to be toxic through chat.

Even though the chat feature is too sensitive, it’s because even non-toxic sentences sometimes get warnings.

Mute mobile legends
Photo via Gamedaim

But it’s all good for the sake of the Mobile Legends game and the Mobile Legends community itself, you have to get used to focusing on playing, don’t be busy chatting with other players.

That is the reason why the chat feature in Mobile Legends is very sensitive, very vulnerable to being muted by Moonton.

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