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Why Charge Old Realme Cellphones? Here's How To Overcome It

Why charge old realme phones? or even not filled at all? If you charge your realme cellphone battery very slowly? Usually this problem very often occurs when our cable is in bad condition, we use a low quality charger or even when the USB Type C port is dirty.

For that below we will explain the main steps or solutions to take if the realme cellphone is charging for a long time, if the charging is intermittent or if your cellphone doesn’t even detect a charger that is connected to the power socket.

Why Charge Old Realme Cellphones

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1. Clean the charger port on the realme cellphone

While it may sound simple, in most cases the slow charging issue is usually caused by a piece of paper or a speck of dust blocking the USB port pins. Given the nature of this conductor, it is normal for dirt to accumulate inside after repeated use.

Is the realme cellphone that you are using for charging long or not connected at all? Because usually a dirty charger hole is usually the main reason for slow or intermittent charging.

To solve this charging problem and clean the charger hole on your realme realme phone, it is recommended to blow gently into the port itself. In addition, we can use a small toothpick, if possible, made of wood, to remove dust or dirty particles.

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2. Use Original or Quality Casan Heads

When charging and it takes a long time to charge, because the charger head is not original or has poor quality. By using a charger head that is original from the realme cellphone, it will make charging better and last longer.

It’s different when you use a fake charger head, then this not only has the possibility of damaging the components on the realme cellphone, it can also result in the charging time feeling long and not fully charged.

3. Use a good Casan cable

Also make sure the data cable used for charging is of good quality. Often times the slow battery charging is due to a problem with the charging data cable.

Therefore, make sure you replace a good data cable, so that charging does not take long or is fully charged.

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4. Turn off the cellphone while it is charging

If your realme cellphone that you are using is on, of course it will make some applications continue to eat up your battery power. Because usually there are applications that continue to run in the background. This is what will continue to suck battery usage on your realme cellphone.

Especially if you don’t turn off wifi or cellular data, then it could be that without you realizing it when the cellphone is charged, applications that run with an internet connection will continue to run which can make the cellphone hotter, and this can hamper the battery charging process. realme phone.

Therefore, you should turn off your realme cellphone when it is charging, or at least you turn off the internet connection on your cellphone. Or you can also enter into the charging mode which is usually in the default features of realme phones.

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If you have done the above and it turns out that your realme cellphone continues to charge very slowly, intermittently or does not charge directly, the next thing is to go to an authorized realme hp repairman. In that case they will be able to inform you and troubleshoot your realme phone charging problem. Do I have to replace the realme cellphone battery, or are there components that are damaged? and so forth.

So, that’s the reason why I charge my old realme cellphone and how to overcome the long charging time on your realme cellphone. We hope that the information we share can be useful for you.

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