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Why Calendar On Xiaomi Can't Be Opened? Here's How To Fix It

Why Calendar On Xiaomi Can't Open

Why Calendar On Xiaomi Can’t Be Opened? Here’s How To Fix It

Why can’t the calendar on xiaomi be opened? Calendar applications are really needed in everyday life, especially for those who are really busy and always schedule every activity they will do. So if an error occurs or cannot be opened on the xiaomi cellphone that is used, this will be very inconvenient for sure.

There are several messages that will appear when the calendar application experiences an error, such as an error message appears, unfortunately the application has stopped, or when we open the application it immediately exits itself or even when we click the calendar application to open it, it cannot be opened at all.

Why can’t the calendar app on xiaomi be opened? Of course we as users will be curious about the cause of the error calendar application, and also of course find out about how to fix the calendar on our xiaomi cellphone that we can’t open, whether it’s because of a calendar bug in xiaomi or because of other factors.

Therefore, considering the importance of the calendar application for users, on this occasion we will provide several ways to overcome the xiaomi calendar cannot be opened. Please take a look at the following reviews.

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1. Restart Xiaomi Phone

When the calendar application has just experienced an error or can’t be opened, then you should restart it first for the xiaomi cellphone that you are using. Because it could be the cause of the calendar application error because the xiaomi cellphone is not resting.

And to make the Xiaomi cellphone fresh again, you can turn off the cellphone, then turn it on again so that the installed applications and the default system applications of the Xiaomi cellphone can work normally again.

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2. Clear Calendar App Data

If it still can’t be opened for the calendar application, then friends can delete the calendar application data. How to delete calendar data on a xiaomi cellphone is the way, as follows:

  • Open the settings app.
  • Then you just write it in the search field in the settings with the keyword “calendar”, and click on application info.
  • After that select storage.
  • And then, tap on delete data at the bottom.

Deleting the data, is not deleting all data stored on the xiaomi cellphone, but it only deletes data from the calendar application.

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3. Update the calendar app

If it turns out that you still can’t open the calendar application on Xiaomi, then you can try to update the application on the Playstore. The trick is to go to the playstore – tap the profile icon – then select manage apps and devices – then select on available updates – and update the calendar application if there is an update from the application.

Or you can also check for application updates on the default application store from the xiaomi android phone called getapps. The trick is that you open the getapps application, then tap on “me”, then update the calendar application.

Apart from going through the default store application on the xiaomi cellphone, you can also check through the settings application on the xiaomi cellphone, namely by going to settings, then clicking on system app updates, and then if there is a calendar app, you just have to update the app.

Okay, that’s why the calendar on the xiaomi cellphone can’t be opened and how to fix it. Hopefully this information is useful and thank you for stopping by in this article. Also Read: Whatsapp Messages Not Entering If Not Opened on Xiaomi? This is the solution