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When will the new NexTerra FF map be released on the Indonesian server, check the info here!

When will the new NexTerra FF map be released on the Indonesian server, check the info here!

Entering its fifth year, Free Fire (FF) has released many breakthroughs and the latest features this year. Done with its newest logo and font, Free Fire is now reporting that it will release a new map.

The presence of this new map itself has been confirmed since the Advance Server in July 2022, where several players have been able to try it, and report bugs there.

The map itself is predicted to be released in August 2022, along with welcoming the fifth anniversary of Free Fire.

For those of you who are curious, here are the leaks about when the new NexTerra FF map will be released for the Indonesian server!

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When will the new NexTerra FF map be released?

The presence of a new map on Free Fire has indeed become hot news for some time, to be precise on the FF Advance Server last July.

According to the leak, a new map comes with a new look. With 3 main islands, this map comes with a city that carries a modern design like a city of the future.

With a modern and futuristic theme, this map shows a modern island with city plans and building concepts from the future.

So, players can feel a new atmosphere, different map surfaces, obstacles and compounds with futuristic characteristics from this new map later.

According to the calendar leaked in some of the latest Free Fire content, the map will be present in a series of events 5th Free Fire Anniversary and will be the peak event on August 20, 2022.

The same information was also leaked by Sportskeeda which said that the NexTerra map would be officially released on October 31, 2020. next August 20.

For players who want to try this map on August 20, it is estimated that they will need to download a map file of 68.61 MB.

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That’s information about the leaked release date of a new map that will be present in the near future. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.