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What is Magic Chess in Mobile Legends?

Players in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are certainly familiar with the name Magic Chess. Considering this is just an additional mode of the Mobile Legends game, Magic Chess players are not as many as Mobile Legends. For those of you who may have never tried playing Magic Chess, it never hurts to try this game for the first time. This article will explain what Magic Chess is in Mobile Legends.

What is Magic Chess Mobile Legends?

Magic Chess is one of the Arcade Mode games in Mobile Legends. If you open Arcade mode, there are 2 modes that can be played, Brawl and Magic Chess, and 1 mode that is still available coming soonBoommander.

Magic Chess is an 8 person strategy game mode. Each player fights against each other and creeps randomly above Chessboard (Chessboard). Unlike the usual chessboard, all the pieces in this mode use heroes from Mobile Legends such as Lancelot, Minotaur, and many more. The purpose of the game mode is to buy andupgrade hero and Little Commander, set lineup to fight other players and create powerful synergies. The player who can beat all the players is the winner.

Location and Size of Magic Chess

You can find the game Magic Chess mode in the Arcade section. At the beginning of the release, the size of Magic Chess is not more than 700 MB. But after boom-Magic Chess and many are interested in this game mode, the size of Magic Chess is difficult to know because it is incorporated into the overall Mobile Legends update.

What is Magic Chess in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Choose Little Commander

To be able to play Magic Chess, you need a new character named Little Commander. The first time you play it, you will get a character named Harper. Until now, there are 21 Little Commanders that you can have. Each Little Commander has different abilities, some can give damage extra, give Gold, give buff and debuff, and other things related to the game later. Here are the names of the 21 Little Commanders:

  1. Abe – Kung Fu Expert
  2. Asta – Astral Mage
  3. Benny – Panther Warrior
  4. Bersi – Death’s Maw
  5. Brown – Master Forger
  6. Buss – Meowgician
  7. Connie – Star Catcher
  8. Dubi – Jolly Sprite
  9. Eggie – Naughty Eggie
  10. Eva – Mysterious Deer
  11. Harper – Commander Harper
  12. Kaboom – Ultra Guardian
  13. Mavis – Vampire Countess
  14. Pao – Naughty Dragonling
  15. Ragnar – Axeman Ragnar
  16. Remy – Swordsman Remy
  17. Rya – Sleeping Bud
  18. Saki – Flora Butterfly
  19. Tharz – Gourmand Demon
  20. Yuki – Snow Witch
  21. Septemberus – Shadow Judgment

Heroes and Synergy

As already mentioned, all the pieces in Magic Chess are heroes from Mobile Legends. Each hero can cast a skill when their mana reaches 100.

Heroes also have tier or level. The higher your level, the bigger chance get heroes with tier tall. There are two things that distinguish the hero of each tier, namely the price of the hero (1/2/3/4/5 gold) and the color of the hero’s name (white/green/blue/purple/orange).

Hero can get stronger if you collect 3 heroes with star-level the same one.

For example:

  • If you want to have Helcurt star-level 2, you must collect 3 Helcurt star-level 1.
  • If you want to have Helcurt star-level 3you must collect 3 Helcurt star-level 2 or the equivalent of 9 Helcurt star-level 1.

Besides heroes, what you need to understand is synergy. In the photo above, it can be seen that each hero has a Faction (left) and a Role (right). If you have several heroes with the same Faction or Role, they will get buff profitable in the game.

How to play

Gameplay What is Magic Chess in Mobile Legends (ML)?

There are three stages in this game. The first stage is Choose Your Fate. You have to choose between a hero or an item. Especially at the beginning of the game, you have to choose one icon heroes and get 3 heroes with certain synergies.

The second stage is Preparation. During a certain time, we can choose, arrange, buy or sell heroes as we wish. You can place heroes in the area chessboard us (3×7). In addition, at the bottom center of the screen there is a stock, a place to collect the heroes you get. That’s where you collect the heroes to be able to-upgrade later be star-level 2 or 3.

The third stage is Battle Round. The Heroes that we have arranged will later fight with other player’s Heroes or creeps. They will appear on the other side chessboard you so you can see the fight. The winner will give damage according to the number of opposing heroes and star-level the hero.

Gold and Capacity

Gold and Capacity are the most important things besides heroes. You can see the amount of Gold you have collected in the lower left corner of the screen during the game. Players will get a certain amount of Gold with several considerations, such as level and win streak or losing streak. You can use the Gold to buy heroes in store by pressing the button turret in the lower right corner,refresh store, and speed up leveling up.

The higher the level of the player, the more capacity the hero can put on top chessboard. Even though you only have stock as many as 8 heroes, but the maximum number of heroes you can enter above chessboard is 10 pieces.

That’s a brief description of what Magic Chess is in Arcade Mode Mobile Legends (ML). Interested in playing it?