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Week 1 PMVB Season 2 PUBG Mobile Results

The PMVB or PUBG Mobile Valkyrie Battleground tournament this time has carried out Season 2. The match between the PUBG Mobile Ladies has been held in the first week. Here are the results of Week 1 PMVB Season 2 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Esports brings competition to teams ladies in the Indonesian region under the name PUBG Mobile Vaklyrie Battleground (PMVB). Season 2 this time has started and has shown some of the skills of each female player.

Here are the results after carrying out the match on the first week of PMVB Season 2. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time, see the following article.

Results of Week 1 PMVB Season 2 PUBG Mobile

The match in the first week, which was held for 3 days from 5-7 September 2022, has now been held. The match which was quite surprising at the beginning of the league had already seen who was at the top of the standings.

This time, the Voin team managed to become the leader of the standings after performing brilliantly for 3 days in the first week with 175 points, 72 eliminations and 3 times WWCD.

Team Alter Ego took second place with a total of 164 points, 90 eliminations and 1 time WWCD. This time they trailed the leader of the standings.

Then for the third position this time was occupied by ADT with a total of 163, 79 eliminations and 2 times WWC.

For the defending champion this time, ONIC, was only able to occupy the #10 position with a total of 121, 69 eliminations and 1 time WWCD.

That’s an explanation of the results of the match during week 1 PMVB Season 2 this time. What do you think about the match this time?