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Weapon Stats G18 FF, Free Fire's Best Selling Pistol!

Free Fire has released lots of cool latest updates for you to try playing now. Even the presence of G18 FF Weapon Stats, full power to face enemies and fight them very easily. Surely the stats of the G18 Weapon itself are strong enough for us to use.

Moreover, the playing ability of the players will increase, when they continue to practice playing this game very well. Depending on all of you who play correctly or not, of course this will affect everything correctly.

Because for the Free Fire Weapon Type that we can indeed use, it will definitely be a great force to face the enemy. If it really gives great strength, to be able to do in such a thing very well.

Understanding Weapon Statistics G18 FF, is a pistol that is quite popular in the Free Fire game. So that we will also continue to be more and more excited, when we just come down find this weapon to have a chance to live easily.

G18 Free Fire (FF) Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 45
  • Range: 42
  • Magazines: 24
  • Movement Speed: 76
  • Rate of Fire: 61
  • Reload Speed: 0

Seeing what the G18 Free Fire Weapon Statistics looks like is quite good, because it supports player play during the Early Game. Of course, with those of us who use weapons like this, it will definitely be very helpful to fight enemies at close range.

G18 Free Fire (FF) Weapon Stats

But being close doesn’t mean you have to rush to win, but there’s still a little distance. Damage up to 45 Points, of course being the greatest strength of the G18 Weapon to finish off enemies easily.

And this large Movement Speed ​​will help you move when dealing with an enemy. But always remember that this G18 FF Weapon is indeed quite weak, especially when it’s in the middle of the game, so we rarely use it anymore.

If you already know the G18 FF Weapon Statistics, you don’t need to be confused to try it in battle later. Because the power of this weapon also looks great, it even has a game pattern that helps at the beginning of the game.

You may have heard of the G18 Kelly Free Fire Weapon, it is a special weapon from a character in this game. It’s rarely heard by many players, but its power is still quite lethal if you’re good at using it.