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Want to take over to be an admin in a Whatsapp group? Here's how to stop it

How to Stop Admin in Whatsapp Groups – Becoming an admin in a whatsapp group is sometimes one of the wishes of the members in the group. But if you are in a whatsapp group, there must be separate rules in the whatsapp group. Septemberbe there are times when a whatsapp group has rules in limiting the position as admin in the whatsapp group. This of course makes members who want to be able to fill positions as group admins but have to cancel their intentions for the reason that the admin position in the wa group is full according to the rules in the whatsapp group for example or until the admin in the whatsapp group chooses to be replaced.

However, it turns out that we can overcome this in other ways so that later we can have the opportunity to occupy the admin position in the whatsapp group that is joined. It is a blessing the emergence of the latest feature 2.19.230 in the whatsapp application that is now ordinary group members can remove or dismiss admin in whatsapp group. So those who were originally group admins could then become new members without having to remove them from the whatsapp group.

Want to take over to be an admin in a Whatsapp group? Here's how to stop it
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There are many reasons why we need to forcefully terminate/remove admins in a whatsapp group, for example, the admin of the whatsapp group has a number of problems, such as frequently entering anyone who is unknown or the admin seems to have an arrogant nature so that it is arbitrary to block users for no reason obvious or for personal reasons and other problems. The point is that we don’t like the nature of the admin, so if we take over or take over the admin position it must be done for the good of the group, then it can be done. And as I said earlier that later if the admin has been dismissed, the person is not removed from the whatsapp group but only the status will change to a regular member.

How to stop an admin in a whatsapp group from being a regular member:

  • First, please enter a WhatsApp application, then enter one of the whatsapp group ywhich are incorporated.
  • If so, please click three dots on the top right corner – then select group info.

Want to take over to be an admin in a Whatsapp group? Here's how to stop it
  • Look at the list of group participants, please one of the admins you want to stop or you remove as a regular member in your whatsapp group.
  • please you guys click an admin desired one you want to stop and continue by selecting stop as admin.

Want to take over to be an admin in a Whatsapp group? Here's how to stop it
  • Done. So until here you have succeeded in lowering the rank of admin to become a member of the regular group.

That way the opportunity to become an admin may be open to anyone. Well, if you really want seize or take over the position as admin of whatsapp group then try to ask for approval from the members of the group.