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Vyn's response to the Philippines team Mobile Legends (ML)

Calvin or better known by the nickname Vyn is a roamer from RRQ Hoshi. In playing tank heroes, he can be said to be one of the best at this time. But unfortunately in the MSC 2022 event, the RRQ Hoshi team had to lose to the Philippines team. This time there is something unique about Vyn’s response to the Philippines Mobile Legends (ML) team that is interesting for us to discuss.

Vyn is known for his very scary Franco games. In the MSC 2022 tournament some time ago this signature hero from Vyn was banned by the enemy several times. So he has to use other roam heroes too.

RRQ Hoshi had to lose to the Philippine team, namely RSG PH at the last MSC 2022 with a score of 4 – 0 without reply, so it was indeed quite embarrassing for the Indonesian team itself. Indonesia also had to lose to the Philippines team at the SEA Games a few months ago so that they only won the silver medal.

From the two international tournaments, Vyn as a roamer for the Mobile Legends game was chosen to be one of Indonesia’s representatives. But the results are still not getting the maximum results. And this time there is Vyn’s response regarding the Philippines Mobile Legends (ML) team which is quite interesting to discuss.

Vyn’s response to the Philippines team Mobile Legends (ML)


At the last MSC 2022 tournament, RRQ Hoshi defeated RSG PH with a score of 3-1 in the Upper Bracket Final. So that the RRQ Hoshi team first secured a slot to play in the Grand Finals match.

But unfortunately RSG PH was able to reverse the previous situation where the Filipino team managed to avenge it with a score that was quite landslide 4-0.

Through the official video on the official YouTube Channel, Team RRQ Vyn gave Vyn’s response about the Philippine team Mobile Legends.

“What distinguishes RSG PH at Final Upper, according to my cave, they learn a lot. I admit that the Filipino teams, not only RSG PH, they excel in adaptation when they are already in the tournament. They are fast in analyzing enemies, and also changing game plans of all kinds. They I admit that the adaptation is quite fast.”

Vyn explained that the Philippine team was indeed superior to the Indonesian team in terms of adapting. RSG PH is one example even though they were defeated but managed to get up and win the match.

In the Grand Finals match, it was clearly seen that the way to play from RSG PH was able to counter the game from RRQ Hoshi. This can be seen from the draft pick and the gameplay they do. They were quick to analyze Hoshi’s RRQ game, which was only defeated within a day.

That’s an explanation of Vyn’s response to the Philippines Mobile Legends team. Of course, this is a valuable lesson that can be received by Indonesia, especially Mobile Legends players, to continue to develop in the upcoming tournaments.