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Victor Splits With Mobile Legends (ML) BTK Team?

During week 1 of MPL ID Season 10 yesterday, Indonesia had an American team, BTK. This time, they watched the MPL ID tournament at the MPL Arena. Of course, there are many assumptions that he plays in Indonesia, as this time there is news of Victor Splitting with the Mobile Legends (ML) BTK Team?

Three players from BTK or BloodThirstyKings namely Mobazane, Victor and FWFDCHICKEN they will come to Indonesia this time. BTK itself has indeed become one of the dark horses for the M3 World Championship some time ago.

This time, a player from BTK, Victor, said goodbye to the BloodThirstyKings team. Of course, it is also interesting to discuss this time, see the following article.

Victor Splits With Mobile Legends (ML) BTK Team?

Through the Story post on his personal Instagram, namely die4victor, it is seen that Victor this time said goodbye to BTK after 2.5 years together.

Of course, this also makes the community from Mobile Legends quite busy talking about it. Indeed, until now there has been no direct confirmation of the post from Victor with the team from the United States.

Will Victor later join the MPL team in Indonesia? Of course this is also a question for now. because it might happen.

That’s the explanation of the BTK player, Victor seen posting farewell to the team from the United States. What do you think about that?