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Victor Says Farewell Greetings on Instagram, BTK Officially Disbands?

Victor Says Farewell Greetings on Instagram, BTK Officially Disbands?

BloodThirstyKings or often called BTK is one of the most highlighted non-SEA teams in the competitive world of Mobile Legends.

The reason is, the team unexpectedly came out as 2nd runner up at the M3 World Championship at the end of last year.

Interestingly, some of the remaining roster of the team recently visited Indonesia to watch MPL ID Season 10 live.

Some of the roster is Michael “MobaZane“Cosgun, Ian”FwydChickn“Hohl and Victor”Victor“.

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Victor Indicates BTK Disbanding

BTK Victor
Photo via IG BTK Victor

After visiting the Philippines and Indonesia, one of BTK’s mainstay roster surprisingly indicated that the team had officially disbanded.

The figure is Victor who bids farewell through his Instagram account which indicates that the American pride Mobile Legends team is doing this compared to.

“After 2.5 years, goodbye BTK,” said Victor on his Instagram account.

This certainly indicates that BTK has officially disbanded and now its personnel are free to join any team.

However, this certainly does not rule out the possibility if it turns out that only Victor has officially resigned from the team.

So far there has been no official clarification from either Victor or other BTK retainers regarding this statement.

Of course, it is interesting to wait for more information from the Mobile Legends team from Uncle Sam.

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