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Victor Has No Problem Playing On MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

Currently, at MPL ID Season 10 Indonesia, there is an American team, BTK. This time, they watched the MPL ID tournament at the MPL Arena. Some time ago Victor declared himself out on BTK. Here’s Victor No Problem Playing On MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

Victor said that he no longer played with the BTK team some time ago. Now many also speculate that he will play in Indonesia.

Here’s Victor giving a statement about himself having no problem playing in the MDL later. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time, see in the following article.

Victor Has No Problem Playing On MDL Mobile Legends (ML)

Through Jonathan Liandi’s YouTube channel, this time in the EMPETALK event there were three speakers from the BTK, namely Mobazane, Victor and FWFDCHICKEN. This time, Victor said that he had no problem playing for the MDL team.

“I really want to play in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Because Indonesia really understands me and welcomes me. Every time I talk to people on the street or players can get to know each other and the fans also support me, I will be happy to play in Indonesia later. Even at MDL or MPI, even though I proved myself in MDL and then to MPL, whatever it is, I’m flattered.”

This time Victor said that he really wanted to play abroad in the United States to Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Because he considers that anyone in Indonesia welcomes him well and familiarly. He also doesn’t have a problem if he has to play in MDL to MPL later which actually makes him flattered about it.

That’s Victor’s explanation about him, it doesn’t matter if he later plays in MDL. Will it also be a code for the GPX team later, what do you think about it?