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Very funny! Pet Skin Spaceship Moony Special Anniversary FF Free on This Mission

Very funny! Pet Skin Spaceship Moony Special Anniversary FF Free on This Mission

The presence of Free Fire (FF) anniversary in an event titled 5th Anniversary has brought joy to Free Fire players, especially those hoping for free skins.

How not, the event is currently running on the Free Fire event tab. The presence of a special themed event offers a number of skin prizes with special themes that players can get for free.

In this birthday event, you can be presented with various skins titled 5th Very cool anniversary. Such as gun skins, bundles, backpacks, gloo walls and others.

You can get them one by one in each mission and also events that are present on a scheduled basis. Well, this time we will have a free item just by completing missions.

One of them is a Pet Skin called Spaceship Moony FF, which can be obtained in the Kill mission in the following way!

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Pet Skin Spaceship Moony FF

Pet Skin Spaceship Moony FF

This Kill mission is already available in the event tab 5th Free Fire Anniversary. This mission can be said to be quite common in some of the previous Free Fire free events.

The main prize that can be obtained is the Moony Pet skin which is specially presented to welcome the 5th Free Fire anniversary event.

The pet skin in the form of an alien figure comes with a special costume for this year’s Free Fire anniversary. Plus Moony’s own cute appearance makes this pet skin very interesting to accompany you to play.

You can get it in the Mission Kill event tab which starts tomorrow 16 to 22 August 2022. Here is a list of rewards that you can get in the Kill mission:

  • Kill 2 enemies: 5th Anniversary Pin
  • Kill 8 enemies: x3 Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Kill 15 enemies: Pet Skin Spaceship Moony

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That’s a bonus skin gift that you can get when completing a mission in the Free Fire birthday event. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.