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Ultimate Johnson Dinerf September 2022 Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates that are very cool for you to try when playing. Then the appearance of Ultimate Johnson Dinerf September 2022 Mobile Legends (ML), this will change the game and the meta as well. Because we ourselves know that Hero Johnson is strong and quite disturbing in the current match.

Lots of the latest updates that have appeared for Mobile Legends players to play, of course, make me curious too. Moreover, for the presence of this latest event, now it will become more and more new and a lot together with the event with lots of prizes.

Especially for the presence of a very cool Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda Collaboration, but now you can try it right away. Because for this latest event there will also be a variety of good things for players to complete now very easily.

You also have to know Ultimate Johnson’s dinerf this time, as a player this hero will be looking for anticipation too. Because the occurrence of Nerf will make the game quite influential for those of you who often use the hero too.

Ultimate Johnson Dinerf September 2022 Mobile Legends (ML)

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Hero Johnson will get a nerf this time, in the latest patch notes 1.7.12 on the advance server there are several heroes who get adjusted this time, one of which is hero Johnson. Here are the details on the patch note for Johnson:


Cooldown: 45-40 seconds (counted after the skill is used) >> 30-25 seconds (counted after the skill ends)

Currently, Johnson’s Ultimate skill will not be reset again since you use Ultimate without crashing first. That’s the explanation of Hero Johnson’s ultimate who got a nerf this time.