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Tutorial How to Create Scribble Effect Animation on Android

How to make a scribble effect on photos on android? Currently, Android cellphone users certainly cannot be separated from the use of social media applications, on average each user has a social media account as a medium for entertainment, communication with other people remotely or for the business they run. And even now it’s not just enough, because of course we often find it on social media that is popular or commonly used by people such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, where users show or upload content, whether it’s a photo, or video with creative as possible.

how to make a scribble effect on android with the scribbl application

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This can certainly invite responses from other people who see it, such as giving likes or comments on the posted content. Well and on this occasion the admin will give a how to make a scribble photo or add a scribble animation effect to the photos we have so that the results are quite unique and cool. What’s that scribble effect? is a movement by combining the animation of a glowing line animation. So if someone moves, the scribble effect will follow the movement. Moreover, we can make animation lines with various colors and also with different movement styles.

And in making a scribble effect on Android, the method is very easy to do, because we know that on Android itself, there are many third-party applications that can be obtained easily on the Google Playstore, which can help you create Scribble Effect Animation on the photos you have. in a simple way. And for the application to create a scribble effect on Android that we use here is named “scribblAnd to create a scribble animation effect on an Android phone, then you can see the steps as below:

How to Create a Scribble Effect on Photos on Android:

  • Download the Scribbl application on the Playstore for free.
  • Next click + . icon in the lower right corner to select the image or photo you want to give the scribble effect to and then click photo.

how to make a scribble effect on android with the scribbl application
  • After the image is selected click check icon and click procced.
  • Next, please select the resolution to set the photo you want to edit, if you have clicked

how to make a scribble effect on android with the scribbl application
  • To give an effect, please click the logo color palette in the top right corner. And once it’s open, a lot of menus will appear. Now on this menu you can define and adjust the effects you want to use such as choosing the animation, style, size and color of the effect.
  • You can make this scribble effect based on your imagination, basically according to your creation.
  • After determining the effect, you can click the pallet icon again and start drawing on your photo to display your edits, please click play icon on the bottom right so you can preview the animation effect you made.

how to make a scribble effect on android with the scribbl application
  • At this stage you can add more than one color or one effect, to give different colors and effects, please click the color palette menu again, specify the effect you want to create and start drawing again.
  • And to save it please click play icon and click export icon in the upper right corner, if you have selected the ratio and click export.

how to make a scribble effect on android with the scribbl application

Okay, maybe that’s it how to make scribble effect animation on photos on android with the Scribbl application, of course, with you making photo edits like the one before, you can be ready to post on social media such as Instagram stories, whatsapp statuses and so on to make it look unique and cool when seen by others. So, hopefully useful for all of you and thank you for visiting.