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Treatment Laser Gun FF, the Latest Heal Free Fire Weapon!

Free Fire has released many good updates that you can immediately try to play with ease. You have to see Treatment Laser Gun FF, it turns out that the newest Heal Free Fire Weapon appears which is really cool. Of course, by using weapons like this, players will help friends in the squad.

Especially for new updates that will continue to appear later, along with events that we all have to finish. From here we can immediately help the battle to be more exciting, because with the aim and receive cool prizes from here later.

Seeing what types of Free Fire weapons we have to use, of course, is a good opportunity for that. The opportunity for players to use these weapons in matches will become even easier to face the enemy.

Especially with the Treatment Laser Gun FF, it will indeed be a very powerful New Heal Weapon. Players will find all of this in Free Fire, of course the battle will be more exciting because we use this weapon in battle.

Treatment Laser Gun FF, the Latest Heal Free Fire Weapon!

The release of a Treatment Laser Gun FF, is the newest Heal Weapon that is present in this Free Fire game. Of course with a large enough power, not because of the damage but on the healing that you will give.

Treatment Laser Gun FF, the Latest Heal Free Fire Weapon!

Even my Esports who had tried this weapon on the September 2022 Advance Server, the Heal was very high and strong. Just imagine the remaining HP is 20 and below, hit by this weapon will immediately get Heal of approximately 100 to 200 with just one attack.

This weapon requires a total of 50% Charge, in order to give Maximum Heal to 1 friend in a match. This means that if you have 2 friends, you have to use 100% Charge which is divided by 50% each.

To use the Treatment Laser Gun, you have to press the Shoot button, then a Laser will appear that gives Heal. Then we will also see if the distance of this shot is far, so you will not have a hard time using it either.

Then for Laser Gun FF Treatment, you can see the Latest Heal Weapons that are present in Free Fire. Can make the battle later will be easier, without having to be defeated at all when you have used it.

There are even Facts about Free Fire Treatment Weapons, helping you to fight with ease. You will not be confused anymore to use it, because you already know how the weapon looks like in battle.