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Total Skin Tokens Badang Saint Seiya X Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released many cool and good new updates for you to try. And for the Total Body Skin Token of Saint Seiya X Mobile Legends (ML), it’s really easy and not too difficult.

The presence of several lively events into the game, of course, makes the situation also give various prizes. Nothing will be missed, because the mission of the event is indeed good.

The emergence of a Collaboration Mobile Legends (ML) X Saint Seiya, indeed sounds very cool and so interesting. Because we will have several skins with collaboration themes this time.

Even the total tokens for the Badang Saint Seiya skin needed are quite easy and you can have them right away. It looks easy with the Event Draw display that has been specifically for the collaboration.

Total Skin Tokens Badang Saint Seiya X Mobile Legends (ML)

This time there is the latest leak to get the Badang skin at the Saint Seiya event which will be obtained for free only by collecting 10 tokens. The token will be the same as in the Kung Fu Panda Skin event, Thamuz General Kai drew 10 times. This can be seen in the Eidura Channel YouTube channel leaker below:

The event that will be present in October, you will be able to get tickets to draw at the Saint Seiya X Mobile Legends collaboration event this time. in the following you can complete the mission to get the token.

  • Login to the game = 1 Token
  • Recharge any amount of Diamonds. = 2 Tokens
  • Recharge 100 Diamonds. = 3 Tokens
  • Recharge 250 Diamonds. = 4 Tokens
  • Spend 100 Diamonds. = 2 Tokens
  • Spend 250 Diamonds. = 3 Tokens

That’s the explanation of the total to get body skin at the Saint Seiya event this time. You can try this event later in October.