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Total Badge for Elite Pass Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Even for the Total Badge for Elite Pass Free Fire (FF), you will be ready with all of this and it is very easy to complete the feature. Because indeed with a Total Badge like this, it can be seen that it is really very useful.

Especially for the game themes that we know now, of course you will be more satisfied. We even have several Free Fire event missions for us to complete too, because from there the prize will definitely be the newest collection.

Then with the presence of the Rampage United Free Fire Event Schedule, of course from here it becomes a good gift. Just complete each of the missions, then receive a gift in the form of a very cool bundle for the character Cewe in the ongoing match.

Then take a look at the Total Badge for Elite Pass Free Fire (FF), because maybe you really need something like this. Make it easier for players, so that later they can immediately open gifts from this Features section and immediately receive prizes.

Total Badge for Elite Pass Free Fire (FF)

Total Badge for Elite Pass Free Fire (FF)

Based on what Esports I know, the Total Badge for the Elite Pass Free Fire must reach 225 Badges, but if you get to the Bundle, you need 200 Badges. That’s a pretty big total, even if you want to fulfill the Badge you have to be able to play from the start of the Elite Pass.

For example, during the Elite Pass Month in September 2022, at the beginning of its release, you can just start playing. So that players will easily collect the Full Badge from the latest Elite Pass which is very profitable for all of us.

Diligently playing and completing missions, it definitely doesn’t feel like the Elite Pass Badge has been achieved a lot. It’s a long journey too, as a player who really wants to have the most badges in the Free Fire game right now.

Even for the total badge of 225, we can buy it using Diamond, but if something like this is not free, of course. The total reaches up to 4500 Diamonds, if we really want to complete the Elite Pass within one day.

Total Badge for Elite Pass Free Fire (FF)

If in rupiah it can reach 300 thousand more, just to open the Badge of the Elite Pass like this. Elite Pass does require an important badge, so we can immediately get something interesting from here.

Especially by trying How to Get the Free Fire Elite Pass Badge, so that the situation becomes even easier. Especially with the Elite Pass, which has various forms now, it will definitely give a good gift for the given theme.

Badges will also usually appear when the Mystery Shop appears, the price is also quite cheap if you buy it later. It’s just that the amount needs to reach 225 of the total Badge that we have to collect on this Elite Pass.

Esportsku reminds me that this Elite Pass badge is not only for 1, but all Elite Passes have the same Badge collection as well. For example, if you really want to have a badge gift, you can choose to buy or free from the existing missions.

After knowing the Total Badge for Elite Pass Free Fire (FF), you don’t need to be confused about all that right now. The problem is collecting Badges, which will become even more exciting, will help players who want to know all about it.

Try to see the existing Free Fire Elite Pass List, who knows which one you like. Even though the Elite Pass itself will no longer be available, new ones will continue to come and you can just wait.