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Top 6 Hero Required Ban in Mobile Legends Rank August 2022

You must know that the following are the top 6 heroes that are required to be banned in Mobile Legends rank during August 2022, who are they?

Banning certain heroes is one of the keys to success to win a match in Mobile Legends rank.

If you just ban a hero, then be prepared to have trouble fighting certain heroes and end up losing.

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Therefore, instead of regretting the wrong hero ban, the following SPIN Esports has 6 recommendations for heroes that must be banned in Mobile Legends rank August 2022.


Mythic mobile legends
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First, of course, Julian, he is a Mobile Legends hero with the most complete abilities and is very difficult to stop, therefore Julian is the most obliged to be banned.


Counter nana mobile legends
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Then there’s Nana, even though her skills are easy to avoid but fighting Nana is very inconvenient, especially for those of you who want to play melee heroes, so make sure to ban Nana first.


Jungler op mobile legends
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Then there’s Natalia, rather than fighting her it’s much better for you to ban Natalia. This is done so that the midlaner, jungler and goldlaner of your team are calm, not afraid of being picked up by Natalia.


Mobile legends rank
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Too op can copy the opponent’s ultimate skill, making Valentina mandatory for you to ban, not to mention the cooldown and damage skills 1 & 2 are very inconvenient.


Mobile legends strongest tank hero
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Even though Franco can only lock one hero unlike other tank heroes who can lock all opponent heroes on average, we think he must be banned.

All of this is done so that your jungler team is not disturbed when farming and your team is safe from Franco’s surprise pull.


Mobile legends ban hero
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Lastly, there is Yin, again and again heroes who are dangerous to midlaners, goldlaners and junglers in our opinion should be banned. Because the hero can make the team lose balance during the war.

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