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Top 5 Hero Support Mobile Legends Meta Right Now, Must Be Picked!

Top 5 Hero Support Mobile Legends Meta Right Now, Must Be Picked!

Support can now be played as a roamer. Although not tanky, Support has skills that are very helpful when teamfight such as shield or heal.

Now, talking about this one role, it turns out that support is now one of the roles that cannot be underestimated, especially since its presence often creates moments for the team to win.

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These are the 5 top heroes currently supporting Mobile Legends meta according to SPIN Esports.


Faramis ML

First, obviously there is Faramis, we know after the revamp this hero becomes OP. His Cult Altar (Ultimate) is very strong for teamfights, you certainly have more advantages with more HP than the enemy.

Even though Valentina stole it, it would be different because Faramis also has a passive that allows him to return faster when the stack is collected.


lord mobile legends contest
Photo via Twitter MLBB

The popularity of tank junglers such as Akai, Baxia and even Barats has made this hero popular again.

His Guiding Wind (skill 2) is very useful for making these heroes have additional dashes. We know that most tanks are difficult to get out of when they enter a teamfight, so with Mathilda it will certainly be easier to do that.


Skin Estes m3 blacklist
Photo via ArtStation

The new skin has arrived some time ago and indeed this hero is still strong, especially when used by the International Blacklist team.

Estes is the only hero who can give big heals to his comrades, in contrast to Floryn who is relatively small to heal because there is another CC in his skill set.

This makes it difficult if you are already using paste meta to sway Estes.


Hero counter mobile legends
Photo via DeviantArt

The number of CC in the current meta makes this hero a useful support. Diggie has a Time Journey (Ultimate) that can make teammates free from CC except suppress.

That’s very important especially because one of the heroes, Akai, has an annoying CC. This can save colleagues from sudden CC attacks.


The best healing heroes in mobile legends
Photo via Reddit

You could say Rafaela is quite complete because in addition to heal there is stun and also movement speed. With that, Rafaela can be considered as support for Marksman who is quite good as a cover. Of course, having Rafaela can make Marksman’s hero move faster in terms of rotation.

Those are the 5 best support heroes for the current meta according to SPIN Esports on Mobile Legends. Is there any other support that you think is strong?

Here SPIN Esports does not include Nana because her main role is now Mage, and the damage given is already quite large and her role is no longer just as support.

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