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Top 4 Hero Marksman (MM) Mobile Legends Subscribe to Pick at Mythic |

You should know that here are the top 4 marksman heroes (mm) in Mobile Legends, who are subscribed to by players in the Mythic rank, who are they?

Using the right marksman hero when playing rank in Mobile Legends is the key to winning a match.

Because this marksman hero is the second core in the team, his abilities will be very reliable during the late game.

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Now about that, SPIN Esports has the top 4 marksman heroes (mm) Mobile Legends subscribed to pick in the Mythic rank.


hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via Zerochan

First there is Wanwan, this marksman hero is back on the rise after receiving a buff some time ago.

Even not only in Mythic, players like this one hero, but in all ranks rely on Wanwan.


Moscow mobile legends
Photo via Tumgir

Besides Wanwan, there was Moskov. Since being buffed some time ago, Moskov has re-entered the meta game, his attack range has become wider than before.

And it has a direct impact on Moskov’s gameplay which has now become very terrible.

Popol & Kupa

Popol Kupa

The counter marksman and the best top push turret heroes in Mobile Legends are the reason why Popol & Kupa are very popular with players, especially those in the Mythic rank.


Beatrix mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Last but not least is Beatrix, this mm hero is really the definition of the best mm hero in Mobile Legends.

Having 4 different weapons with different abilities is the reason why players like Beatrix so much, the gameplay is so unpredictable.

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