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Top 4 Combo Hero Odette in Mobile Legends, Can Make Savage!

Top 4 Combo Hero Odette in Mobile Legends, Can Make Savage!

Despite being a very deadly hero with a very large damage area, unfortunately Odette is still a marginalized hero.

The reason is, the hero does need momentum to be able to maximize his ultimate which is able to finish off opponents easily.

No wonder various combos with other heroes have been tried and turned out to be quite effective in maximizing their abilities.

Therefore, here are the top 5 combos of Odette in Mobile Legends which of course can make you get savage.

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Johnson mobile legends
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The most commonly used combo when using Odette is to use Johnson.

Where later Johnson will hit a crowd of opponents then Odette immediately opens her ultimate that can flatten the opponent.


Hero Counter Tigreal
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In addition to using Johnson, moments can also be created when you use Tigreal which is on point in using his ultimate.

When the hero manages to create an effect crowd control, Odette can immediately activate her ultimate which is sure to give big damage to her enemies.


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Khufra is the next option when you want to maximize Odette’s potential in Mobile Legends.

The hero can also give a very large CC effect to the opponent when he successfully uses his ultimate which can be accompanied by Odette’s ultimate.


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Next, you can also use Atlas as one of Odette’s best combos in Mobile Legends.

Interestingly, he can give his opponent a very long CC duration effect and is certainly very effective in maximizing Odette’s very deadly ultimate.

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