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Too OP, Faramis Finally Gets Nerf from Mobile Legends!

After getting a revamp, Faramis is now one of the most OP heroes in Mobile Legends.

It was proven that he immediately became a prima donna on a stage as big as MPL ID Season 10 by becoming a priority for picks and tires.

In fact, he is also now a bone of contention in the ranked mode which is certainly an illustration of how very strong the hero is.

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Faramis Finally Gets Nerf

Faramis Nerf
Photo via Mobile Legends Update

After successfully entering META, unfortunately Faramis will certainly get a nerf which will slightly affect his strength.

This is because he is considered one of the most powerful heroes, so an adjustment to the necrokeep hero is needed.

Therefore, here are the nerfs Faramis will receive in the upcoming Mobile Legends patch update.


  • The Base Extra HP that Faramis gives will be reduced very significantly from the previous 15% which will only be 10%.

Although it looks not too big, but the nerf certainly greatly affects the effect that will be given by Faramis’ ultimate in the Land of Dawn.

Now it is certain that his teammates will not have extra HP as thick as now so it will be easier to overthrow.

With this nerf, of course Faramis will become a little weak so that players will probably think again about using the hero.

So, that’s the nerf Faramis will receive in the upcoming Mobile Legends patch update.

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