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Tips to Increase RAM Performance to Be Fast on Android

Optimize RAM (Random Access Memory) performance on android – Currently, there are many Android smartphones with large RAM or around 2 GB. With a large RAM, the smartphone is certainly not slow or slow in its performance. But if you are still using Android with around 1 GB of RAM, you really need patience when processing and using applications. Because of what? because the biggest cause of slow Android performance is lack of RAM (Random Access Memory). If you are a true Android smartphone user, you should know what is the main cause of a smartphone being slow. And this usually happens if you install too many applications or run several applications at once on our Android. If the performance of the smartphone is slow, for sure, this will cause the multitasking process or dual tasks on activities on our Android to be very slow.

Then how to fix it so that Android is not slow? Given that buying a smartphone with a large RAM capacity requires a large budget or funds, then you don’t need to be discouraged or feel miserable all day long. Because fortunately at this time I will give tips on how to maximize and expedite RAM performance so that when using applications on an Android smartphone it doesn’t feel heavy or slow.

Use an app called smart booster pro. because by using smart booster pro, then this application is able to increase and maximize the use of RAM. So that it can stop the background process of unused applications and
smart boost
also able to empty the cache on activities on android.

  • The first step, of course, is to download and install the application first smartbooster on app google play store.
  • If so, then open the application
    smart booster. Start opening this app by clicking start now. So you can press rocket image icon to start the release of RAM. As in the screenshot below.
How to increase RAM on android with the smart booster application
  • To maximize the performance of RAM on Android, then you need to enter the menu Settings – then select Ram Boost – then select Boost level – then change the level to Aggressive. For more details about this step you can see in the following image.
how to fix so that android does not lag or slow

  • Then not to release RAM continuously manually, then you can choose Auto Boost. Then change the RAM Threshold to 100MB, and also change the interval to 5 minutes or it could be more. See the image below for more details.
how to maximize the performance of android RAM so it is not slow

In addition to using the above application, if you just want to make your Android RAM smooth and relieved, you can also do the tips below, namely:

  • Limit the use of widgets or live wallpapers.

Widgets and live wallpapers are android apps that consume a lot of RAM. So the performance of the phone will be heavy.

  • Disable unused apps.

Even though some applications are not being used, they will still consume RAM memory. Because the application is running in the background.

To disable it you can go to the menu settings manager app – select unused apps – then disable application.

Ok that’s it how to add RAM on android be faster. Hopefully the above method can help you in solving your android problems that are slow or often lag. Good luck and good luck. Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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