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Tips for Astra Agent Valorant with High Difficulty

Astra Valorant is a female agent with a role as a controller of the Valorant game from Accra, Ghana. This agent character has been added since September 2, 2022. Astra is the 16th agent who has the main skill for cosmic division with 7 ultimate points.

Astra is designed as a smoker to help teammates enter the site or block enemy movements. Smoke that can be placed anywhere from one point makes Astra quite flexible. There are skills that can suck certain areas, stun and also do blocking vision.

The three basic abilities are Nova Pulse, Nebula, and Gravity Well. While the ultimate ability is Cosmic Divide. All players are required to be able to adapt to Astra’s gameplay to be able to fight it.

The Most Difficult Astra Agent in Valorant

Tips for playing Astra to become a good controller

1. Understand the Role

The first thing Astra does is adjust the position so that you can’t be killed early. Because the controller is in charge of managing the game, such as blocking smoke to where the enemy usually peeks or waiting for you. So you can’t use Astra aggressively. However, you can do annoying things to other enemies such as stun in certain areas and perform skills to suck the opponent into the middle which is quite disturbing.

2. Understand Strengths and Weaknesses

Players must know that every valorant agent has advantages and disadvantages. Apart from that, we must be able to use the advantages of agent valorant to make moves to dispel or disturb the enemy. Like the Gravity Well skill to disturb the enemy so they can’t run, but this can also be a boomerang to your own team if you use it at the wrong timing.

The Nova Pulse skill also has the advantage of being a stun to enemy areas that are usually silent or peeking to make it difficult to run and easy to rush. This also applies to our own friends if we lack communication and teamwork then this can also be a boomerang.

3. Memorizing Map

This is absolute and cannot be contested. Memorizing the map structure will be very useful for Astra and Omen players. Because we will be faced with an abstract map view so that if we don’t memorize it well we will put our stars wrong and or don’t even put the stars as we want and even make the team lose.

4. Understanding Unexpected Angles

Surely every Valorant map has a certain hiding place like behind a wall or in a place that we can’t reach. Well, Astra has that advantage with its Gravity Well skill being able to make the enemy come out of hiding or keep pushing in position and we will easily kill our opponent.

How are you friends, are you interested in using Astra or studying Astra now? I’ve given you Tips for Playing Astra, yes. Wait for exciting news about Valorant and other games only at