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Tighnari Genshin Impact's Leaked Rate-Up Banner Character, All Good!

Tighnari Genshin Impact’s Leaked Rate-Up Banner Character, All Good!

We know that the Tighnari banner will be coming to Genshin Impact in the first banner version 3.0.

He also came with the re-run Zhongli who had probably been brought in quite often.

As a new character, of course you are very interested in gacha this character as Dendro’s Main DPS, although later Tighnari will enter the Standard Banner in the later version.

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However, it seems that HoYoverse doesn’t want to lose to the Tighnari banner because the 4-star character rate-up is not kidding.

4 Stars Banner Rate-up Leaked Characters Tighnari

Banner 3.0 Tighnari

You can see for yourself the leak from the leaker that the first banner will be filled by Tighnari and Zhongli as 5-star characters plus Fischl, Dional and Collei as 4-star rate-up characters.

Of course this is very good because the three 4-star characters are quite good. Collei is excellent as one of the enablers for HoYoverse’s newly released Dendro element.

Fischl is also good as a Sub DPS and of course he can play well with Dendro elements, one of which is Tighnari to play Aggravate.

Diona herself, even though it’s been quite a while, is certainly a good character for you to look for in her constellation because in C6 she has a lot of potential as a shielder and healer.

It is highly recommended for you to gacha if you want to have Tighnari immediately instead of waiting for it to come via the Standard Banner which of course has many other characters that can appear suddenly.

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