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This Tank Hero is Prohibited Combo With Vale, Don't Pick One Team

Did you know that there is one tank hero in Mobile Legends that is prohibited from comboing with Vale, both of them cannot be in the same team.

Vale is a hero mage who is on the rise lately in the Mobile Legends scene. This one hero is very effective for countering op heroes like Karina, Julian, Aamon and so on.

But of course, to make Vale perfect, a tank hero combo that matches him is needed.

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Now about that there is one tank hero who doesn’t match and is prohibited from comboing with Vale, because the chance of miscommunication is very large if you are desperate to unite them, who is that hero?


popular heroes in mobile legends

Yep that hero is Tigreal, Vale x Tigreal? Very incompatible and forbidden to unite them in the same team.

Because their skills contradict each other, it takes really good communication to make the two of them the deadliest combo.

Then why can’t Tigreal combo with Vale? Because if the open war Tigreal hits all opponents using his ultimate.

Then at that time Vale used his combo skills including ultimate but suddenly Tigreal pushed all his opponents using skill 2.

Hero Counter Tigreal
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Then the Vale skill combo, especially the ultimate, will not hit the opponent because all the opponents are pushed out of the area by Tigreal.

These two heroes really don’t fit together in the same team as long as one of them plays patiently and performs skill combos alternately so that all of his skills hit the opponent.

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