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This Row of Mage Heroes Turns Out to be Suitable for Berserker Fury!

This Row of Mage Heroes Turns Out to be Suitable for Berserker Fury!

Hero Mage is identical to mage items such as Genius Wand, Glowing Wand and other items.

But did you know that there are several Mage heroes that are suitable for using Berserker Fury where this item allows the hero to issue a Critical attack even though the damage is magic. Curious about anyone? Let’s see the full explanation from SPIN Esports.

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Hero Mage Suitable for Berserker Fury


Harith mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

First, it is clear that Harith is indeed a hero who can rely on basic attacks after using skill 2.

This allows him to issue critical damage when using Berserker Fury items. Moreover, Harith was recently buffed and quite usable as a surprise hero in the meta.


Selena mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Skill 1 in Abyss (Garrote) mode is quite painful, especially when in a combo with this terrible item. The damage will certainly be very painful if you get a large critical. We know Selena uses skill 1 Abyss Mode to finish off the opponent.


Kimmy mobile legends
Photo via Wallpaper Cave

Kimmy is a Marksman/Mage so it’s not surprising that she can use this item even though Kimmy is now a pure hero who issues magical damage.

You can try it yourself, yes, the use of the Berserker Fury item on this Marksman hero.

That’s a row of heroes that turned out to be suitable for using Critical Berserker Fury Items in Mobile Legends. Can you try it?

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