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This Old Marksman Hero Will Be Buffed, Will It Enter Meta?

This Old Marksman Hero Will Be Buffed, Will It Enter Meta?

One of the old Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends will get a buff in the next patch. This has been informed by Mobile Legends through the new Advanced Server patch.

This Marksman Hero was popular as a Marksman and has great damage even though you can say it doesn’t really use mechanics. Can anyone guess the hero?

That’s right, it was Granger, the Marksman hero who had been a prima donna in the jungler besides Yi Sun-shin both disappeared after many jungler tanks were used.

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Of course Marksman will have difficulty fighting tanks in one-on-one duels, especially for objectives.

Hero Marksman Granger Mobile Legends in Buff

Granger Buff
source: YT VY Gaming

Skill 2

  • Increased Basic Attack Damage from 10-30% to 25-40%

Indeed, only his 2 skills are buffed, but the value is quite large, especially for the early game. For the late game, it is also quite noticeable because of the additional 10%.

But in our opinion, this alone is not enough to make Granger enter the current meta where Akai, Baxia, and even Paquito exist as junglers. The three of them can be scary figures from Granger to be used as junglers.

As a Goldlaner Granger, it’s arguably not suitable because the range is low enough to provide skills. He can lose laning when he meets Goldlaner Thugs like Beatrix, Popol & Kupa and Wanwan.

In conclusion, despite getting a buff in our opinion Granger has not been able to enter the meta for the upcoming patch.

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