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This New Transfer System Rules Zeys Mobile Legends (ML) Response

The fourth week of the MPL ID Season 10 Tournament this time, there were quite a few surprises. Like many players who were promoted from MDL and demoted there too. The following are the new rules for this transfer system, Zeys Mobile Legends (ML) response

Currently, most of the teams at MPL ID have made changes to their roster. Lots of player exchanges with divisions in MDL.

This time, the Evos Legends trainer, Zeys, gave his response regarding the new rules for the transfer system in MPL. Of course, this is interesting for us to discuss this time in the article below, see the following explanation.

The New Rules of the Transfer System Respond to Zeys Mobile Legends (ML)

This time, with so many players moving from MPL to MDL, the organizers also made new rules regarding the player transfer system. through Zeys’ YouTube channel, this time he gave his response about this.

“Because the slots are like this, Moonton said that if Ferxiic went down to MDL, he wanted to go up at any time, he could not take a slot, but now take a slot, so my prospect is, who are we thinking about going up? The biggest chances are Branz, Saykots, Ferxiic, these three are the biggest chances from MDL. We also want to try to raise 1 person from the public maybe, we will think about it because there is only 1 slot left.”

This time Zeys gave his response regarding the new rules for the player transfer system, where he said with this change there are 4 players who are likely to fill in later, namely Branz, Saykots, Ferxiic and one public player to go to MPL later with Evos Legends.

That’s the explanation from Zeys regarding the new rules for the player transfer system for MPL this time. What do you think about what Zeys said this time?