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This Mobile Legends OP Tank Hero Got Nerf, So Weak Like This!

Various tank heroes in Mobile Legends are now starting to get the spotlight after being considered too OP in Land of Dawn.

The reason is, these heroes are able to give damage large as well as a solid defense that is considered too perfect.

There are even some heroes who have very fast skill durations so this of course makes the game run unbalanced.

Until finally, one of the tanks that is considered OP in Mobile Legends will soon get a fairly large nerf from Mobile Legends.

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Johnson Gets Nerf Soon

Hero Tank OP Mobile Legends
Photo via Mobile Legends Update

The hero turns out to be Johnson who can be said to be a tank hero who is quite OP at the moment in Mobile Legends.

This is certainly not surprising because the hero has a duration cooldown short for his ultimate.

Therefore, here are the nerfs that will be received by Johnson in the upcoming Mobile Legends patch update.


  • Duration cooldown Johnson’s will be changed after before 45-40 seconds after using skill later will be 30-25 seconds after his skill ends.

The nerf will certainly be quite detrimental to Johnson because it will make the hero unlike before who can use ultimate hers quickly after using car mode.

So, that’s the nerf that Johnson will soon receive in the next Mobile Legends patch update.

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