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This Mobile Legends Mage Hero Was Previously Very OP Now Forgotten

Did you know that this Mobile Legends hero mage was previously very op, but is now forgotten by the players, why is that?

There is one Mobile Legends hero with a role mage who was once very op, contested by players to become a mandatory list of bans by players.

But unfortunately, this only lasted for one season more or less, because now the hero mage has been forgotten or ignored by players.

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Then who is the hero mage and why can he be forgotten even though he was so terrible before?


Cecilion mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Yep, you didn’t guess wrong. That hero is Cecilion. Cecilion himself is a hero mage that must be picked or banned in rank last season, because the chances of winning when using it are very large.

Stack Cecilion used to be very easy to get, not to mention that in the early game Cecilion was already strong enough so that he was very popular with players.

But as usual, a hero who is too strong and whose strength lasts long enough will be hit by repeated nerfs by Moonton and Cecilion feels it.

Look at Cecilion now, he is being ignored by players because his abilities are not as strong as before. Even now to beat him is very easy.

Cecilion mobile legends
Photo via IG Otaart_chan (pinterest)

Cecilion is not a priority pick mage in the current meta, because apart from losing damage, Cecilion also loses in terms of mobility and ability to dominate in the early game.

That’s the strongest mage hero in Mobile Legends before but now he’s a forgotten hero because of the nerf he received.

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