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This MLBB Marksman Ultimate Hero Will Be Buffed, So It's More Useful!

This MLBB Marksman Ultimate Hero Will Be Buffed, So It’s More Useful!

This Marksman Hero can be said to be independent of Ultimate, his Ultimate seems to be just a decoration of his skills.

Because the main weapon of this hero is his attack speed and stun skill 2. Can you guess what hero is meant?

That’s right, the Hero is Moskov. Moskov users can be happy because the Ultimate will soon be buffed in the next patch and its potential can be maximized even more.

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Moskov Mobile Legends Ultimate Buff

Moscow Mobile Legends
source: ig @dbz_mlbb


  • The previous slow effect of 30% for 1.5 seconds (up to 90% slow effect) is changed to a slow effect given by 50% for 1 second (up to 5 seconds)
  • The distance required to activate the previous maximum Slow duration from the Base to the center of the Side Lane

Even though there is a buff on his Ultimate, Moskov also gets a little nerf on his 1st skill which is now at the maximum level and will only get 1.55 times the attack speed increase.

You could say this is indeed an adjustment for Moskov, Moskov is considered too strong in terms of attack speed, especially since we know that there was an adjustment to the Inspire spell some time ago that quite improved the performance of Moskov.

Moskov with the Inspire spell is very strong and can even out opponents, so his 1st skill gets nerfed so it’s not too strong.

The compensation is a buff for the Ultimate where the slow effect is increased to 50% (directly without stack) with a shorter distance to reach the maximum stack.

What do you think about the Ultimate changes to Moskov? Will this hero be used or not?

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