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This Mage Hero Is Very OP in Mobile Legends But Forgotten, Why?

Did you know that this Mobile Legends mage hero is very op, spinners, but unfortunately forgotten, why do you think?

Of the many mage heroes in Mobile Legends, there is one hero who stole the attention of SPIN Esports. He is a veteran mage, his abilities are still reliable and quite op.

But why are players reluctant to use this one hero? Is having an op ability with great damage not enough to enter the meta?

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Then who is the hero and why is the hero not relied on by players even though they have op abilities? Here’s our version of the answer.


Hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via ART street by MediBang

Yep he is Zhask, why Zhask? Because Zhask has an ability that other mage heroes don’t have, namely having a living creature that helps him to attack or defend.

You could say the same as Popol & Kupa, Zhask also has his own comrades when fighting and even Zhask can enter his partner’s body to take cover and attack.

Because of his duet with his partner, Zhask is hard to beat, even 1 vs 5 even though Zhask is still the favorite.

Then why is he not popular in Mobile Legends? Even though it has op capabilities and is worthy of being relied on by players?

The answer is only one because Zhask relies too much on his comrades when fighting. Yep, Zhask itself is less useful because the basic attack or skill that does damage is very small.

Hero mage op Mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

Not to mention Zhask is a hero that only locks one target, for that reason players are increasingly reluctant to use it.

How about spinners, do you agree that Zhask is the hero mage in Mobile Legends with abilities that are still very opaque but forgotten by the players?

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