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This is how it turns out to make a fake DM (Direct Message) on Instagram

Make a fake DM (Direct message) Instagram – Have your friends ever shared screenshots of Instagram DMs where your friend likes to chat with some famous people like artists? Or maybe you saw uploads from your friends who are chatting with artists? all of that it turns out we can make with engineering. What is clear is that you don’t miss the news and how to make it from your friends. If you are still confused and feel curious about how to make it like what? it would be nice to see the steps to make it in this article to the end.

Fake DM means that you can create a chat or chat on Instagram according to your wishes and desires. You can pretend you’re having a chat with an artist or create a funny meme. For example, if you are single, you can make a fake DM with an imaginary boyfriend. Or maybe you want to make a chat with your idol artist. So you want to laugh, even though you made it yourself and it is guaranteed that the chat you make is very similar to the original chat on Instagram. Because we can set usernames, profile photos and fake DMs on Instagram. Now to make it you only need an application called Fake Chat. To get the application, you can directly download it on the Playstore application for free.

If you already understand from the little explanation above, then it’s time for us to create a fake Instagram DM with the Fake Chat application.
And the steps for making it are as follows:

  • First you have to download and install the application fake chat.
  • After that, open the fake chat application, then click the icon + which is at the top right to create a new chat.
  • The next step is to enter username and also profile photo people you want to chat with.
  • If so, then click save. See the screenshot below for a more detailed view.
make fake DM instagram with android

Notes : Create a username and profile photo that is the same as the original Instagram username so that other people who see it can believe it. However, to add a profile photo is usually a little difficult because we can’t take a profile photo from the original Instagram owner because we can’t zoom the profile photo. Well, as we wrote in the previous article about how to download photos, videos, stories on instagram without an application then with that you can zoom and take other people’s profile photos.

  • If you have prepared your username and profile photo, then you will then be taken to the Instagram DM page. Then select the contact name that you created earlier. Set the message you want to create, you can create a message that you write as a sender or as a recipient besides that you can also make the message read or unread. In this chat you can also send photos or pictures, if everything is ready then click send. Look at the image below.
make a fake DM (direct message) with the fake chat application

Then the results can be seen in the image below. This is the result of the chat modification that we have made. Like the original, right? and maybe this will be able to make your friends stunned when they see it.

the results of fake DM instagram using the fake chat application

Okay, maybe that’s all this post is about how to make a fake DM on instagram. Hopefully this article can help you to create a fake DM on Instagram. And you can make it just for fun so you don’t get stressed because you don’t have a picnic. 😛
Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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